Bottom Time E-Mail News Archives

April 19, 2002

Edition 1

This is I hope the first of many email newsletters and I hope you enjoy receiving them.   Ice is off most of the lakes here in the lakes country of Minnesota and divers are getting their scuba gear dusted off and serviced to get an early start on what likes to be a great dive season. With not getting a lot of snow and little runoff into the lakes we should have some great visibility.  Like the rest of the country we have had some very warm temps. for this time of the year which should warm our lakes up fast. Now is a good time to get your equipment to your dive center to be checked out so it is ready for you when decide to venture into the depths of your favorite dive site.

Classes are getting into full swing in the cities that we teach so if you or know of someone that is interested let us know and we can let them know where a class well fit into their schedule.  Our specialty classes are running during the entire season and will be posted in the email address as they come up.

Our Medallion Hunt starts with the first clue given on Friday May 10 and a new clue given every Friday until found.  We also have about 30+ other medallions hide thought our area lakes so keep an eye for them and win some nice prizes.

We are kicking off this first email news letter with some early spring sales items.  We have Deep See 8240 BC knives Retail at $21.00 at 20% off  $16.80 while they last.   Trident full face mask Retail at $110   30% off   $77.00 while they last.

We already have had a large selection of consignment scuba gear brought in for sale this spring.  Tanks as low as $65.00 and BC as low as $99.00.  Other items including wet suits, dive knives, mask, fins, and snorkels. 
This Saturday will find the Tri-State Diving's' commercial crew in Big Detroit Lake recovering the rest of the item that were left on the bottom after the ice race mishap where the eleven trailers went through the ice in January.

Don't forget about our Super Spring Sale in May.