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Edition 10

Lake Seven has gotten better for vis and most of the lakes are 80 degrees surface temps with thermocline at 18 to 20 feet.  If anyone has had good vis in the area let us know so we can pass it on.
   There have been three medallions found so far this year.   Adam Nelson, a student from Fergus Falls, doing his first two check out dives found two medallions in Pickeral Lake.  His two prizes included a snorkel and fill card.  Jim Sewick from Pelican Rapids found one in Lake Seven and picked up a regulator bag.  There are still about 40 out there to find. 

  We are up to the number 9 clue on the Big Medallion Hunt.   Here are the
first 4 clues.  

1. Four Sisters

2. This Vikings first name will put you closer to one of the Four Sisters

 3. Ornithology

 4. Phalacrocorax Carbo 

Stop in and pick up the other 5 clues and find the medallion to win a dive computer!

Our next tailgate dive will be Tuesday July 9.  We will post the site by Monday so check your email. 

   The 12 of July we will have a Rescue Diver classroom here at the dive center so let us know if you are interested.

  Attached are some pictures of students and staff diving on Wed doing their boat check out dives. These were shot by Hoover on Lake Seven.  

  We have had quite a few divers interested in spear fishing so we have added a better selection of spear guns.  This week we are taking 10% off the purchase of a spear gun.