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Edition 17

The Crayfish Hunt and Feed was well attended with 12 divers heading up to Bad Medicine to collect the crayfish.  It was a first for about 4 of the divers and they really enjoyed collecting them.  We had about 35 people show up for the feed. 

Hope you get a chance to dive on Labor Day weekend as water temps are still warm and it looks like we are going to have some warm weather for the weekend.   Lake Six has been the lake of choice with vis running 20+ feet.

We are up to clue number 17 for the medallion hunt and still it has not been found.  This is the most amount clues we have ever given out. This has been the worst year for divers finding other medallions also, as there are still about 40 out there to find.

Trips are slowly filling up but we still have room.  Think 30 below and lots of snow and this should get you thinking about 90 degrees, white sand and clear blue water.

A commercial diver that spent quite a bit of time diving with us this summer and got his daughter certified this year is going back on board a barge to run an ROV.   He is going to send blurps on what he is doing while out to sea so keep an eye out for these tidbits.  His name is Kevin Engebretson and he lives by Big Cormorant Lake.  Here is an email I just received from him:

  "Not a boat yet, been sweating my butt off in Louisiana.  I should be going to Curacao next week to mobilize a ROV system.  Hopefully I can get a day to go diving there.  After mobilization, we are heading to Trinidad for a job.  We'll be placing two platforms.  I'll try to get some pics if anything interesting shows up.  It may be hard to send them from the construction barge due to the satellite communications being so slow, but I'll send them when I hit the beach".

We still have a number of steel 72cu ft tanks for sale and also have 4 new 80cu ft steel tanks on sale at $245.00 each.   Those that have been switching over to steel say that they couldn't believe the difference of how great the steel cylinders are to dive.  

We are giving 10% off any new dry suit ordered and will pay shipping. Still have a couple of new demo drysuits left for sale.  Stop in and let us show you how neat it is to dive dry!