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Edition 18

Lakes are still warm and vis is picking up so don't put that dive gear away yet.   Lake Six is still the best for diving in the area.   Last Saturday we did check out dives there and also assisted Fred Johnson in setting his deepest free dive to date with a depth of 79 feet.  Because of the high winds we had trouble holding the boat so we were only in 80 foot of water.  Hopefully next time out he can make 100 feet.   

The big medallion is still on the bottom of the lake and we are hoping someone finds it as we are running out of clues.   Wendy Olsgard found one in Lake Seven and collected a Sherwood dive knife for her prize.  

If you are deciding to hang it up for the season it is best to get all your equipment checked out and serviced before storage to prevent any problems from showing up.   Remember our store hours after Labor day are not set.  We are here most of the time but don't make a special trip without calling first.

This has been a good dive season for classes and water conditions.  Paper work is being sent in on all the summer classes so certificates should be back within three weeks.  We will let you know when they are back so you can make arrangements to pick them up.

If you have a friend interested in learning scuba tell them about how great diving is and encourage them to at least giving it a try at one of our Discover Diving sessions.

We have an additional 10% off all rental equipment during the month of September and 10% off on select new equipment. 

Up coming things that might be of interest to divers include:  Gales of November, Nov. 9th in Duluth.  It is a shipwreck conference but also includes talks on many different subjects.  If interested you can let us know and I will also put more in up coming releases. 

Cozumel is still not filled yet and the dates are January 25 - February 1.  

We still need divers for the Bahamas trip in February so let us know and we can get you more information. 

The annual diving trade show (DEMA) is being held at the end of October in Las Vegas.   All the new models of equipment will be on display for dealers to see and to decide what they will have on hand in their dive centers.

It will not be long and we will be setting up an ice diving course and hope more of you can join us this year to see how exciting it is under the ice.

Sea you on the Bottom!