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Edition 19

Here we are into October and the lakes are just starting to cool down, but there is still some good diving time left so let's get out there make an October dive.   We have a couple of divers that have set a goal this year to make at least one dive each month of this year and I hope they make it. 

Our diving trade show, DEMA, is a fall show for the first time ever and it is this month.   This is where all the new dive products are on display.  Looking forward to going as I haven't been able to attend in the last few years as it was a winter show and I always was out of the country with a dive group.

The big medallion has not been found yet and we decided not to give out any more clues until spring. There are a total of 22 clues to date, the most we have ever had to give out.   I am still hoping someone finds it yet this fall and claims the dive computer.   There was fewer medallions found this year than in past years so we will have lots of prizes for next year.

It is time to start looking forward to ice diving.  If you are interested in a class let me know or if you are all ready certified you can always come along and join in the fun.

Sea you on the bottom