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Edition 22

Most of the lakes are hard enough to drive on with smaller vehicles as we have had below normal temps. for this time of the year.   We are planning an ice dive for right after the first of the year so if interested let me know.   So far we don't have much snow on the lakes so that should help with vis.

Christmas is soon upon us so keep your diver friend in mind when its time to buy them a neat item for Christmas.    Scuba Santa is here and will help you with your shopping list.   We have rental gear on closeout as well as a few BCs and regulators that are on consignment for some great prices. 
The Cozumel trip is ready to go at the end of Jan. and we are looking forward to having all of you that have been on the trip before and seeing the excitement on the faces of those making their first saltwater dives.  Keep in mind that if you are wanting to travel out of the country to vacation and do some warm water diving that we can help you get the best trip for your dollar and to make sure that you are getting set up with an excellent operator that will take care of you and make sure you come home safe.

Just a reminder that if you are putting your dive gear away for the winter it should be serviced so as to prevent damage due to problems that could happen if it is not cleaned and tuned properly.
Our Scuba classes start in April at most pools that we teach in so if you have a friend interested have them contact us to get signed up before the classes become full.

Have a Happy Holiday Season from us at Tri-State Diving