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Edition 23

We just received a news release in regards to Luxfer Tanks. In part it states: Special ONE-YEAR offer of $50 credit applies to older Luxfer scuba tanks made from
6351 alloy. Luxfer Gas Cylinders has announced a new scuba tank trade-in program to enable owners of older Luxfer scuba tanks manufactured in the U.S. from 6351 aluminum alloy to trade
in their tanks and receive credit toward the purchase of new scuba tanks made from
Luxfer's proven, proprietary 6061 alloy. Luxfer will implement the simple four-step
program outlined below on January 1, 2003. The program will end on December 31,
2003. This is a limited one-year offer!
1. To determine whether your Luxfer scuba tank is made from 6351 aluminum alloy,
check the original hydrostatic test date (the earliest date) stamped on the crown. (Look for
a month/year combination, such as 3/75.) If the stamped year is 1972 through 1987, the
tank is made from 6351 alloy. A limited number of Luxfer scuba tanks were also made
from 6351 alloy during the first half of 1988. If you have a 1988 tank with an original
hydrostatic test date of 6/88 or earlier, Luxfer will assume that it is a 6351-alloy tank and
issue an RG number.
2. Call the Luxfer Customer Service Department toll-free (1-800-764-0366) and report
the number of 6351-alloy tanks to be exchanged. A Luxfer customer service
representative will ask you for the model number, serial number and original hydrostatic
test date for each tank, as well as your return mailing information. The representative will
then issue you a returned goods (RG) authorization number and tell you how to ship tanks
to Luxfer in order to receive a special $50 credit voucher for each tank.

3. Send your 6351-alloy scuba tanks directly to Luxfer's plants in Graham, North
Carolina, or Riverside, California (whichever is closest).

4. Luxfer will mail you a $50 voucher for each tank. You may redeem these vouchers
toward the purchase of new Luxfer 6061-alloy scuba tanks at any participating dive shop
or retail store.

Remember, this limited program will only be available during 2003--so don't delay!

Important Additional Program Information:
Vouchers cannot be redeemed for other products or services nor be redeemed, returned or
exchanged for cash. Vouchers cannot be combined with any other promotion or voucher.
Vouchers contain no implied warranties. Replacement vouchers may be subject to a
replacement fee. Pricing and availability of Luxfer 6061-alloy scuba tanks are subject to
change without notice. Luxfer reserves the right to terminate this trade-in program at any
time, in which case Luxfer will redeem unused vouchers in the form of cash or a substitute
certificate. This promotion is void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law. Luxfer
is not responsible for any applicable state tax. For more information about this offer, visit
Luxfer's website at or call Luxfer Customer Service toll-free at
My feelings on this is, that if you have a problem with these cylinders after the year is up Luxfer will not assume any responsibility for the cylinder or repalce it. If you need help with checking your cylinder bring it in and we will help you determine if it is on the recall.

Tri-State Divings salvage crew was busy on Sat. the 7 of Dec. recovering a Semi Tractor/Trailer with a skid steer on the flatbed from Turtle Lake on the western edge of Becker. Co. The crew arrived on scene at 11 AM and recovered the outfit from about 17 foot of water by about 5 PM and were on our way home. The rig was parked on a road on a hill and it was icy. It slid down the road a ways and then turned toward the lake where it bumped a power pole took out the side of a garage and then the cornor of a trailer house before going over a retaining wall and then pushing a boat lift about 100 feet out onto the ice before it sank to the bottom. The boat lift stayed on top of the ice. We had to cut and remove ice to a vacant lot two lots down form where it went in at. The wreckers where able to back down to the shore to pull it out. Those on the crew were Chris Lee, Dan Whitney, Merle Hanson, Tracy Granger, and Seal. Hopefully we will have some pictures to send out in the next newsletter.
Certifications Cards are in so you can stop in and pick them up. I am sorry it took so long but the US Post office lost them. I had sent them to our mail office the first part of Sept. after all the classes were finished and they finally got them about a week ago at our head office, and we just got them back today.
Christmas specials are still on so give us a call and stop in and see us. Remember it is best to call this time of the year to make sure we are around.