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Edition 24

Happy Holidays to all and I hope your diving experiences this last year have been great and that the coming years dives will even be better. We will strive to better serve you in all your diving needs.  Please drop us an email and let us know how you are doing and where you are diving. We are always looking for interesting diving experiences.  We are planning an ice dive for the weekend of Jan 11,2003.  If interested let me know so we know how to plan for the weekend.  Fee if you are taking the class is 150.00 dollars which includes classroom, and three dives.   Classroom will be on Friday evening.  Dives on Sat. and maybe Sunday. If all ready ice dive certified the fee for the day will be 20 dollars to help cover expenses.  We will have the scuba shack on site so everyone can dive in a warm place.  If you don't want to take the class but would like to try it fee is 80.00 dollars for the day. You must be at least advanced diver certified or have made at least 50 logged dives.
Attached is a picture of the Semi Tractor trailer that we recovered on the 7 of Dec. from Turtle Lake.
So far that is the only recovery we have had so far.