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Edition 5

With morning temps. still at or near freezing it has been hard to excited about getting out in the water and dive.  We are still have surface temps. that are about 20 degrees below normal.    Vis. in Lake Seven is about 25 feet and the suckers are coming into the shallows to spawn.   
The second clue for the medallion hunt has been posted, so stop in and get the clues and start looking. We are getting more medallions put out for the other prizes we are giving away.  Those are placed through out the area lakes and the prizes can be claimed at any time. 
Consignments items left include one large women's Sherwood Luna BC,  one X large Sherwood Destiny BC, one small Sherwood Freedom BC, one Med Sherwood Accord BCs and one Sherwood Med. Trek BC.
There are still two steel 72 cuft tanks left. These items are priced to sell.

Rental equipment left includes one small, two med., two large Sherwood Accord BCs.  Five Sherwood  regulator and console combinations.

Sale items this week include 15% off on Mask Strap Wrappers and Sea Cure Custom mouth pieces.

By this time you should have all gotten your 2002 copy of our Bottom Time Newsletter and are hoping you have had time to look through it and enjoying it.  If you do not receive it within the next few days let me know so we can check your address. 

Knowledge and Safety go hand in hand.

Another thing - NO practicing breath holds in the bathtub or sauna.  This is very
dangerous and many people have drowned doing this.  Do your breath hold practicing on
dry land, preferably laying down so you don't get a knob on your head if you pass out and
hit the coffee table.
This summer why not give freediving a try?

We still have one Darrell Allan light on our spring special.   This week we have Tank Totes for 20% off.  Pelican Floats are 15% off.

Let's see you in the water enjoying our great Minnesota diving.