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Edition 7

Four divers finished their checkout dives this last weekend and had
comfortable water temps but weather conditions were less than good.
Three of them will be on their way to Jamaica so I guess the pain could
have not been to bad then. There will be more divers entering our
Minnesota waters to enjoy their first open water dives in the weeks to
come and we wish them the best on their first dives.
For those of you that have finished your open waters and those of you
who have been diving for awhile and who wish to continue with your SCUBA
diving education we will be holding our first Advanced Open water
classroom on Friday June 14th at 6:30 PM here at the dive center. If
interested or have questions please call or send us an email so we can
get you included in the class. There is one night of classroom and four
dives included which are Deep, Night, Navigational, and Low Visibility...
The rescue diver class is set for June 21 and is open to any diver with
at least Advanced Open Water training. This course is designed to teach
you how to avoid problems while diving and if one does arise for you or
your buddy it will teach you the skills to get out of the situation.
Our full face mask are available for any one that wants to try them out
and spend a little time under the water and see if it We very seldom
use a basic mask anymore because of all the features that a full face
mask have.
Sea you on the bottom