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December 3, 2015

Most of the lakes are now frozen over with some having 5 inches or more.  The DNR is still recommending staying off the ice until it becomes thicker.  Members of the Tri-State Diving Team traveled to Kulm ND to make a recovery on Monday Nov. 30.  Here is a news story about the incident.    They were unable to save the dog and she ended up drowning. Over the years I have been called to save a number of dogs that fell through the ice.  So watch your pets when close to water this time of the year. 

Don’t forget about that special diver when it is time to shop for their gift for Christmas.  We have lots of stocking stuffers and any gear your diver might need.  If you are looking at going someplace warm this winter Tri-State Diving can set up your diving part of the trip or we can book you into resorts that we have used in the past that do a good job of catering to divers.
We are planning an ice dive sometime this winter so let us know if you are interested in taking the class or if already certified you are welcome to come along.  
We will be having an Advanced Open water classroom one evening next week so if you would like to take the class give us a call.
Many of you have not picked up your dive cards yet.  Remember to call before coming to pick them up as I do not staff anyone this time of the year.

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