Used & Consignment Equipment For 2013? 
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* Rental Equipment
Our selection of Rental BCs are Sherwood Accord and Magnum  models and have them in most sizes in good to excellent condition.  Prices ranging from $125.00 to $250.00 depending upon condition.
All our Sherwood rental regulators that are one to two years old will be sold at reduced prices.   Included in the package is a Sherwood Oasis regulator, Sherwood Shadow + back up regulator, Sherwood console with a Sherwood Wisdom computer and Sherwood compass.   We have this combo at a retail price of $1555.00 and we have them priced at $1156.00 with 2 year warranty. You can divide it into three monthly payments.
All of our Action Plus Rental wetsuits are to be sold out. We were with Action Plus for 18 years and it was a tough discussion to change to another line. So we need to sell all our inventory. Prices ranging from $95.00 to $195.00. ALL OUR RENTAL ACTION PLUS WETSUITS MUST SELL NOW
Women's Rental Suits
2 small Strippers                       $115.00
2 Med Blackout                       $185.00
2 Large Blackouts                    $195.00
2 X Large Blackouts                $195.00
2 XX Large                             $195.00

* Consignment Equipment
Divers have brought in gear that  have either decided to get out of diving or have out grown.   We have a selection of regulators, BCs, wetsuits, tanks, and accessories to pick from. Most of these items are in very good shape and priced to sell.
Following are some of the items and prices we have for sale on consignment.
Sherwood Accord XL    $275.00       
TUSA   Large   $265.00                 
Sea Quest  Latitude XL $299.00        
Sherwood Spirit XL $185.00
Tabata Med $125.00
USD Calypso XL $225.00
Sherwood Mag XL $349.00
Coltra Sub Sea Elite $225.00
Sherwood Luna BC L $225.00
Sherwood Alpina BC L $195.00
Sherwood Sillouite BC M $175.00
Sherwood Freedom BC L $150.00
Sherwood Freedom BC L $150.00

Sea Quest/Octo/Console $105.00 
Sherwood Blizzard Octo console $75.00
Oceanic Delta Octo console $350.00
Coltra Sub Octo Console $175.00
Tabata Reg. Octo Console $175.00
Sherwood Oasis HP/mimuis $285.00

Wet Suits
Harvey's FJBT 1/4            $65.00
Action Plus Stripper FJ Step in 1/4           $125.00
Henderson BTFJ Small  1/4                       $65.00
Fathom Plush BTFJ Small 1/4                  $130.00

Harvey's FJ Small 1/8                               $95.00
Harvey's FJ Small 1/4                             $105.00
Harvey's Vest Small 1/8                             $35.00
Harvey's Vest Small 1/4                             $40.00
Action Plus Stripper Plush BTFJ 1/4  L    $175.00
Action Plus Stripper Plush BTFJ 1/4 S     $195.00
Sea Quest 1/4 $295.00

Bayleys Dry suit /attached hood $1100.00
Whites ML Dry Suit $530.00




* Used Equipment
We bought a lot of good new and used Sherwood Regulators from a dive center that went out of business and have the gear priced right. We went thorugh all the used regulators and have them up to new standards. We will put a one year warrenty on all the used regulators. Stop in and take a look at them and the great prices we have on them.




Week Day Package
Day Package
Weekend Package
Friday evening through Monday morning with two tanks