Volume XV, No. 1
Spring/Summer 2022 1

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Photo Contest
We are not having a photo contest this year. We would like you to email any of your underwater photos that you have taken in fresh or salt water of things you think would like to share with other divers. Give a little discripition what the photo is about, where it was taken and type of camera used

We have had a number of  divers requesting an UW photo class so we are setting one up this summer.  We would like to have a couple of more to complete the class.  If you are planning on buying an underwater system or want to hone up on your skills talk to us about the class.  Digital camera are getting better and less expensive so more divers are using them for underwater with some great results. We have some great manuals on taking digital pictures.


Medallion Hunt

We have placed 40 medallions in several of the area's most popular diving lakes. These medallions all have the Tri-State Diving name and a number on them. There will be no clues posted for these because they have simply been placed on the bottom hopefully where you can easily see them. Seal has taken many divers right over different medallions and they never saw them, one diver put his hand within inches of one and didn't see it.. We had two that were found in 2021. Keep looking when you are diving in area lakes as we have some nice prizes to give away. Most of them over the years have been found by new students.



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