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Tank Alert
We are requiring a Visual Plus Sticker on all Aluminum cylinders that are 1988 or older before filling them. Manufactures of aluminum cylinders state, when an annual visual inspection is done a visual plus inspection is to be done on any cylinder that is pre 1988. Most dive centers we have contacted are requiring the sticker and all the alerts we have gotten from our suppliers also recommend requiring a visual plus test done annually. We are charging four dollars for this service. Any cylinder that is 1988 and older when it is hydro tested must have the letter VE stamped after the new hydro date on the cylinder.
We have increased our hydro and visual fees on cylinders. Visual inspection is $10.00 and a hydro is $20.00 dollars per cylinder.

Dacor is no longer making parts for their older regulators. You can go to their site to find out more information on which regulators are affected.

What's New In Equipment For 2017

The new AXIS BC is designed for comfort. That is why everyone wants a buoyancy compensator. Being comfortable is one of the most essential elements that determines whether or not you have a pleasant diving experience. Achieving and maintaining neutral buoyancy is a necessary skill to be comfortable in the water. Nothing makes your command of the skill easier than the AXIS BC.
SHERWOOD has introduced a new computer. The

The Sherwood Vision takes Sherwood's console computers to a new level of sophistication and technology.
With four gases (up to 100% O2) and a 2-D Digital Compass, the Vision provides everything a recreational and technical diver will need all within a three button computer. The Sherwood Vision takes every great feature from the Wisdom3 and builds upon it.
*Four Gases up to 100% O2
*2-D Digital Compass
*New Locking-Style Quick Disconnect Hose Fitting
*Three Button Navigation
*NDL accessible throughout the dive

O'NEILL is our new line of wetsuits that we are handling here at the dive center. We are very pleased with this new line and find the suits to be very warm and user friendly to wear because of the multi-composite super-stretch neoprene. O'NEILL has added to their scuba line giving more choices in sizes. They utilize a Double Fluid Seam construction to give a non-chaffing, high-grade, silicone-based urethane. This is applied in a liquid form to the backside and front side of a glued sean completely blocking out water without restricting flexibility. The suit line runs from Tropical to Polar conditions.

OCEAN REEF has added an additional feature on the full face mask called the Space Extender. it clips onto the frame of the mask. It has a stronger bracket to hold the comm. receiver/speaker. There is a place to put a GOPRO attachment on top and you can mount a small dive light on the right side that is easy to put on and take off the extender. It is equipped to mount up to 3 sport cameras.

ARIA is a new snorkeling mask that Ocean Reef has developed. It has the snorkel attached on top to the center of the mask. With this system you can breath through the mask the same as the full face mask.



13th Season of Tailgate Diving Tri-State Diving will again be heading up our Friday or Saturday nights shore dives and cookouts this summer. The 2016 tailgate dives were a huge success with most of the time we had two boats full of divers. We made dives on Turtle Lake, Big Cormorant Lake, Lake Seven, Lake Six, and the last tailgate dive of the season we made a night dive on Pickerel Lake. We will make a shore dive in one of our area lakes and either do a cookout there or come back to the dive center and do the cookout here. We will have the grill set up and everyone can bring their own hamburgers, brats, steaks, or hot dogs and what ever else you want to bring. JOIN in, meet and visit with other divers. If you need rental gear there will be a 15% discount on the gear. If you have your own gear you can get your tank filled for only $2.50 for the tailgate dive. We will leave the dive center at 5:30 pm and head out to the lake to dive. You can also call and find out which lake we are diving that evening and meet us at the dive site. You never know we might even do a night dive after eating. If we are diving from a public access remember you are not allowed to have alcoholic beverages. If any of you have some lake property and want to host the dive and cookout let us know. Check Calendar page for dates or watch your Tri-State Diving Email Newsletter.

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