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To better serve all the people that are on our mailing list we are going to send out weekly email updates during the summer season and more often as needed. During the rest of the year we will be sending it out bimonthly or as needed. We are encouraging everyone to send your email address so we can keep you posted on these points:

Information on Discover dives and any changes made for the dives.
Information on Tailgate dives
Information on new equipment.
Weekly sales specials on equipment.
New consignments items.
Pictures entered in photo contest.
Medallion Hunt winners.
New class information.
Winter dive travel information and updates.
Dive Tidbits.

Our website: will also contain all the information that is in our newsletter and will be updated as needed but only those on the email list will receive all the current updates.
On the home page of the website we have added links to Facebok and Youtube. We have pictures and stories Facebook about the Commercial and Salvage diving. On Youtube there are videos on diving that Tri-State Diving does.


Big Splash Cozumel


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