Tri-State Diving's crew was contracted on the weekend of January 5-6, 2002 in Detroit Lakes Minnesota, to salvge a number of rigs that were parked on the ice near the snowmobile track. Around 4:30 a.m. Saturday they went into Big Detroit Lake. We were notified at 5:30 that morning and our crew was on site by 7:30 AM. It took our crew approximately 16 hours to recover 11 trailers, 2 pickups a semi camper unit, one generator and a four wheeler. Those assisting the dive crew were the Becker Co. Dive Team, Detroit Lakes Fire Department, Becker Co. Sheriff Department and the State Patrol. Tri-State Diving also subcontracted, three wrecker services, three excavators, and 1 cat operator to assist in the operation. All but three of the rigs were taken out the first day. Those in the water were Jim Granger, Jeff Granger, Chris Lee, Chris Anderson and Gary "Seal" Thompson. Considering the size of the job everything went extremely well.



01 View from lake
View from lake
02 View from shore
View from shore
03 Managing ice
Managing ice.jpg
04 Managing ice
Managing ice
05 Excavitors removing ice
Excavitors removing ice
06 Pushing ice chunks
Pushing ice chunks
07 Removing a trailer
Removing a trailer
08 More ice work
More ice work
09 Hydraulic chainsaw
Hydraulic chainsaw
10 Submerged camper pickup and trailer
Submerged camper pickup and trailer
11 Attaching chain to trailer
Attaching chain to trailer
12 Massive 5th wheel trailer
Massive 5th wheel trailer
13 Managing ice
Managing ice
14 More fun ice control
More fun ice control
15 Fancy pickup
Fancy pickup