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July 21, 03 

Edition 16

The Medallion hunt was a big success with 11 divers looking for the Medallion.  After an hour and half of searching it was determined that someone had taken the medallion.  We will not honor the award of the dive computer if the lost medallion is brought in. A drawing was held and Grant Marlenee won the Dive Computer.  Go to our web site and click on the picture gallery and look at pictures of the event. Send any diving pictures you have and we will add them in our picture gallery.  Give a brief description of the picture. The first clue for the new Medallion hunt has been posted and a new clue will be added every Friday morning until it is located.  Good luck searching......
We have a tailgate dive July 24.  We will meet hear at the dive center by 6:00 PM and then leave for the dive site.  Hope to see some of you divers we have not seen for awhile.
We are getting more of the PST steel tanks in as they have been selling very well.  They hold a true 80 cuft of air compared to the AL 80 which only contains 77 cuft of air.   The best thing about the steel is you can dive with a lot less weight on your belt and both the steel and AL cylinders weigh the same.   We are also handling a short 80 high pressure cylinder, which the smaller framed divers have liked real well as it does not hit you in the back of the thighs.
Seven students just finished their pool time and class room in Perham this last weekend and we just finished a class of four in Detroit Lakes.  Check the web site for a listing of our next round of classes.
Still have 12 BCs left to sell on our Blow Out.
We still have five rental Oasis regulators with Shadow + and Courier dive computer left to clear out.  If you are interested we will let you have one for a third down and two monthly payments of a third each. These are about a year old and used less because of being higher number and so there rented out less. Call us to hold one for you.
Cozumel trip is set for the 24 through the 31 of Jan.  Cost for the trip should be very close to the price as last year.  The land package is locked in and waiting on final prices for the flight.   Hopefully have them within the next couple of weeks.
See you on the bottom.