What's New In Equipment For 2022? 
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Used and Consignment Equipment

*  Sherwood has a new line of BCs that will be a great addition to our line.  Sherwood's air integrated dive computer is called the Wisdom 4.  It measures dive time, depth, and air supply. It uses a reliable time proven algorithm to calculate and display remaining dive time based on established limits for nitrogen tension, oxygen exposure or cylinder pressure.   Wisdom gives you seven options for setting reminders/alarms for depth limits, decompression status, oxygen status, ascent rates and remaining breathing time.  This is in addition to alarms already in the computer.   The computer has a quick disconnect option so you need only take the computer to your room to download information rather than taking the whole regulator set up. The download is Bluetooth compatible.   For a small computer it has a large display for us more mature divers to read.  

image Sherwoods weight integrated BCs use the CQR system of releasing the pouches instead of using velcro which can pick up sand and debris causing the pouches to accidentally release.  This unique system makes the pockets easy to grab and release.   These work in one smooth motion, making it simple to hand weighs up to the boat crew at the end of a dive or to quickly ditch them in an emergency.   Because of the unique attachment buckles the weights are suspended from the BC downward for a more comfortable, stable dive.  
The Oracle and Titan are some of Sherwoods best selling diving masks.  

Both mask are low profile and because of their design have excellent viewing capabilities. The Titan is designed for wide faces. The strap hookup allows you to disconnect the strap from the mask.

*Sherwood's single-window mask the RONA has come with some high reviews for its fantastic view. It has a 85 degree horizontal view, 25 degree upward view, and a 50 degree downward view. The RONA offers the widest horizontal view for a single-window mask, as well as one of the best downward views. This is attributed to a combination of a close-to-the-lens fit and a wide viewing port. A wide skirt-mounted buckles match any angle and fold flat, making it a great backup mask that can be stowed in a BC pocket. The buckles are strong and secure yet release the strap smoothly and easily. Molded ridges on top and bottom gibe solid finger traction for clearing and adjusting. Great field of view, comfort, and ease of use earn the RONA divers choice mask.

* We have also added a Tri-State Diving sweatshirt to our clothing line. 

* We have added two different styles of tank racks for your car or pickup to help keep the tanks stowed so they are not rolling around and banging into everything.  

* In 2010Ocean Reef divided into different lines, recreational and commercial. The recreational line is called G.DIVERS and the line is a new high performance and stylish OCEAN REEF family of products. It is been designed for recreational diving, underwater teaching and guiding, and to improve safety and human interaction during a dive. G.DIVERS line includes NEPTUNE SPACE G.DIVERS two sizes Med. and large and four colors, Emerald, Blue, White and Pink. GSM G.DIVERS underwater communication. The mask has a newly designed G.DIVERS exhaust air system. A new G.DIVERS SAV/octopus port which makes installation of a surface Air Valve accessory or octopus using the adapter very easy. The commercial line has the Neptune SPACE PREDATOR and is constructed with parts made of Anticorodal, a light weight and durable aluminum compound used in aeronautics for applications requiring high mechanical resistance. The front cover of the mask's integrated regulator is made of laser-cut Anticorodal. This portion of the regulator has a light gold finish recalling the helmets of the first deep water divers. The adjustable knob, its external trim screw, the laser-cut hand finished frame, and the six fast release buckles are all made of AISI 316 stainless steel.
An Entender kit is an option that can be added the the Full face mask that allows a diver to attach accesories to the mask, ie: Comm. support, dive light support, and a GOPRO mount, and Metal detector speaker, to the mask. Ask us about adding it to your mask or if ordering a mask about having it added to the package.


*In 2007 we added the O'NEILL wet suit line and have been real happy with the selection and sizing they have available. They offer suits for all types of diving. The suits are very durable and handle the wear that our divers put on them.

* The AKONA line of equipment has been our choice for most of our dive bags, wet suit boots, gloves, and 7 MM one piece wet suits. Their wet suit features a Quantum stretch, making them easy to put on and giving the diver ease of movement making the suit the most comfortable and best fitting suit in their class.

Male suits come in 9 sizes AKONA 6 MM Boots are the choice for our lakes area, keeping your feet warm for all seasons.

The boots are constructed with nylon II neoprene material, making the boot incredibly flexible and durable. The rubber toe-caps,heel caps and edging give extra protection in high wear areas and additional support to your foot. AKONA DELUX 3.5 MM gloves with velcro closure makes it a great choice for three seasons of diving here in Midwest. The gloves come in 7 sizes and have a PU textured palm.